I feel like Avey Tare-Down there is an album that went a little un-noticed. It’s almost 4 years old now and still amazing to me. Something about those animal collective boys producing beautiful squelches fills me with glee. This albums got some darkness to it to say the least and feels very swampy through out it’s entirety. Makes me want to live under water… or play a water level on super Mario. 




The slightly disturbing Comic Artwork and Illustration of

Benjamin Constantine

Everytime I flip through a “Plump Oyster” comic book I get this warm, damp feeling as if the room had suddenly become intensely humid. I get lost on adventures with his crazy-eyed characters, always sweaty and always drooling, in a land filled with strange alien like flora and oozing orifices. I have been transported to the ‘world of the oyster’ and I love it there!

Since 2007, Brisbane based Benjamin Constantine has been steadily building his strange universe through his Plump Oyster comics and paintings. His work has been featured in many national street press magazines as well as international publications like VICE, Rabid Rabbit and Secret Prison.

Check out his comic ‘OYSTER FACE’ - A 40 page comic book about a boy who was evicted from his river-side apartment 50 miles away from the beach and took it upon himself to evolve into shellfish and live in a dank, wet rock-hole by the sea.





Fun and insane as it should be.